Heat Rash

Heat rash or in day to day language "prickly heat" is a common skin problem that gives a burning and itchy sensation. Red or pink rashes/bumps develop on the skin surfaces. Infants and obese people who have overlapping folds of fat are usually more prone to heat rash. Mostly common in hot, humid conditions.

Where does it occur - on covered parts of the body such as abdomen, neck, groin, armpits, back and even underneath breasts. Avoid overdressing or wearing tight clothing.

Symptoms -

Signs of infection developing due to heat rash -


Overactive sweat glands that cause excessive perspiration and as a result, the sweat pores get clogged. It usually happens in warm, humid climate. Overdressing in cool weather can also lead to heat rash.

Treatment of Heat Rash

In majority cases, heat rash clears up on its own in a few days.

Healing takes time. The best way to treat heat rash is to keep skin clean and sweat free by taking cool showers or by pressing wet cloth against the affected area. Antibacterial soaps, lotions will lessen the spread of the rash and prevent future outbreaks. Consult a doctor if symptoms do not disappear naturally within 5 - 7 days.

A few handy tips to battle heat rash

Heat rash is an easily curable problem. Rather than go for a treatment, prevention is better than cure. So keep the above tips in mind if going out on a summer holiday. And you'll definitely beat the heat.